Rent To Own


Rent To Own Portable Buildings


Rent-to-Own is a smart choice for many circumstances. You are not required to keep the unit. If you no longer need the building, simply give us a call and we will promptly pick it up. Unlike storage rental where you pay and pay but never own anything, when you pay out the term of your Graceland lease the buildings is yours!

Rent-To-Own is a popular alternative to commercial storage units. All Rent-To-Own contracts are for 3 years or 5 years, with the monthly rate depending on the unit you select. The price paid per square foot of storage space is competitive with self-storage rates. With No Credit required, owning your own mini barn, garden shed or garage is simple.
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The unit is delivered to your home or business, exactly where you want it. The location you select must be accessible at all times by a truck and trailer for delivery, and during your Rental Contract. After 36 or 60 on-time payments, you will own your unit, and will receive a Certificate of Ownership.

Rent-To-Own (36 Months) or (60Months)

• Deal directly with Graceland
• YOU select the date of your payment (within 60 to 90 days of delivery)
• Our great staff will send you a coupon book
• Pay off at any time!
• Available on all standard deliverable buildings





1. How does the Rent-to-Own program work?
Simple. You select the building of your choice, make the required two to three monthly payments up front & your monthly payments for 36 months to 60 months.

2. Is the Rent-to-Own plan available on all of your buildings?
All of our standard deliverable buildings can be purchased Rent-to-Own. We do accommodate a high degree of custom orders through the addition of many available options on our Rent-to-Own buildings.

3. Do I need credit?
No, we do not check your credit; all you need is your first two or three monthly payment to get started.

4. Can I put more down & make my payments less each month?
Yes, you can put down as much as you like, we actually encourage you to put more down. The monthly payments are based on the remaining balance.

5. How much does delivery cost?
There are no hidden charges, we offer Free Delivery, (up to 50 miles) Free Setup & Leveling, we also Anchor the building for Free.